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Aberfeldy Oatmeal
Welcome to Aberfeldy Oatmeal

Aberfeldy Oatmeal supplying Scotland’s best quality oats since 1987

Scotland has a worldwide reputation for producing the greatest quality porridge oats and oatmeal. We believe that ours is Scotland’s best.

The Aberfeldy Oatmeal range also consists of quality, handmade rough oatcakes and sweet biscuits. Both made from our own oatmeal.
Biscuits & Oatcakes

The Aberfeldy Water Mill - History of Water Powered Oat Mill Production
Aberfeldy Water Mill
The Aberfeldy Watermill has been on this site since the 15th century; indeed it was the origin of the small town of Aberfeldy. Set in the beautiful Tay valley, Aberfeldy is now a popular tourist destination and the working watermill is one of its chief attractions.

Tom Rodger, a seventh generation miller, bought the derelict watermill and restored it. He reinstalled all the internal machinery, the hoppers, kiln house and dry bins and began producing Aberfeldy oatmeal once again. Soon people came knocking on the door to see this revitalised part of our national heritage and with typical Scottish acumen Tom opened up a visitor centre. He won a Civic Trust Commendation in 1988, and conservation awards from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the London Times.

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